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A Monster Cries

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness

I loved this book, it make me think, and feel. I got to imagine other lives and other worlds. Sometimes when I read books, I feel like I am sitting in my room, reading the book, I don't feel like I am living in the book. With this book, I became Connor, a 13 year old boy, whose mother is dying, I became the boy who is invisible.
"A Monster Calls" made me smile and laugh happily but it also made me take off my glasses so I could wipe the tears off my eyelashes.

Animated crying photo: crying in the rain-animated CRYINGINTHERAIN-ANIMATED.gif

It was beautifully written and the plot kept you on your toes. In a way you know right from the start of the book, what will happen, but you can't admit it to yourself.

I will definitely Patrick Ness's other books, and if you are not sure whether you should give "A Monster Calls" a try, I highly recommend that you do, it is an amazing book, one you remember.


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