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The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials, Book 3), 1st edition -



I read and loved both the Golden Compass and the Subtle Knife and so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Amber Spyglass. I couldn't stop reading the first two books but the in the third one I found myself getting bored after the first hundred pages. I took a break from the book and carried on with it when I had nothing else to read. It took me a while to get into it though and I ended up taking a whole month to read it. When i normally only take about 2days to read a book with the same amount of pages which is why I have only given it three stars. 
For some reason the changing of POV's really bothered me and left me feeling really confused about who I was reading about, it might have been because the POV's did not change each chapter, sometimes a new POV would start halfway through the chapter or near the end, other times the same person narrated for several chapters.
I think Philip Pullman could have made it better by keeping it in the same POV the whole chapter and writing the name of the person who the chapter was about in bold at the beginning of the chapter.
I did actually enjoy the book though, my favorite chapter were the ones by Mary Malone and her chapters were what kept me reading the book.
I will not write what actually happens in the book because I don't want this review to include spoilers. If you really want to know what happens to Lyra and have enjoyed the previous books, I suggest you read the Amber Spyglass and find out for yourself what happens next.

Hated it

My Family and Other Freaks - Carol Midgley



I am about half way through "My Family and other freaks" and I've got to tell you, I really don't like this book. It's the kind of book where you don't even like the heroine and find yourself rooting for her geeky best friend. The kind of book that you keep reading but you hate every minute of it. It has the same typical plot of every other preteen, romance book. The main character, in this case Danielle, falls for the arrogant, self absorbed leading male, Damian who is always dating the most popular girl, who is always a b*tch, Treasure. Danielle, is very hard for me to like, she is so whiny, complaining about not having a lot of money or clothes and she is desperate and quite self absorbed. The only good thing I can say about her is that she is an animal lover and vegetarian. But as a huge Eco-freak, I get really fed up with her rants about how boring the environment is and thinking everyone that cares about the environment is a total nerd. 

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A Monster Cries

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness

I loved this book, it make me think, and feel. I got to imagine other lives and other worlds. Sometimes when I read books, I feel like I am sitting in my room, reading the book, I don't feel like I am living in the book. With this book, I became Connor, a 13 year old boy, whose mother is dying, I became the boy who is invisible.
"A Monster Calls" made me smile and laugh happily but it also made me take off my glasses so I could wipe the tears off my eyelashes.

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It was beautifully written and the plot kept you on your toes. In a way you know right from the start of the book, what will happen, but you can't admit it to yourself.

I will definitely Patrick Ness's other books, and if you are not sure whether you should give "A Monster Calls" a try, I highly recommend that you do, it is an amazing book, one you remember.


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